"Your grandparents didn't have to worry about good quality. Unfortunately today, you don't have that luxury." - Mr. Shannon

Originally named "Klassy Kassy", founders Kassy Dieujuste & Shannon Rawls started an eBay store in 2013 selling meticulously designed high fashion pieces. In seven blazingly fast months the shop had grown to become a source of style offering new and unique clothing and accessories. In 2016 they re-branded the company to laser focus on highly curated headwear and small collections of hard-to-find unique clothing styles. Today, MONOKHROME™ is an international destination for high-fashion minded, savvy women & men. 

The MONOKHROME Brand is growing to be one of the most sought after contemporary brands catering to the modern man & woman. Distinguishably swank, MONOKHROME's designs are constantly inspired by the pop-cultured fashionista and fashionisto lifestyle and their cultivated way of life. MONOKHROME has emerged as a lifestyle headwear & clothing brand.

"I've been to their Downtown showroom, and their style allows your mind to wander. From inside, out. The styles blossom in practicality and beauty."
- Virgil Abloh, fashion designer



"MonoKhrome boldly, yet tastefully pushes the boundaries just enough to proverbially smack you in the face without knowing it. A smack you'll welcome."
~ Brett, bloomingdales buyer


Meet The Team
Ami Asiah

Ami Asiah, Buying Director

“Where’s my ••••ing coffee!!?????”


Aaron, Logistics Director

“Just turn on the game in the stockroom. GO CELTICS!”


Julie, Director of Photography

“okay, Shannon & Kassy please! I need just 1 more lens.”


Kassy, President

“embrasse-moi demain s’il vous plaît.”


(Now Hiring) Art Director



Andrea, Social Media

“If someone made a mistake, it wasn’t me!…”


Brendan, Customer Service

“No customers need help. Uh, can I leave early?”


RJ, QC Manager

“I don’t understand you kids these days!”


Beth-Ami, Senior Stylist

“Please don’t kill my vibe…..


Marvelette, Production Director

“Don't come for me unless I send for you! :-/


(Now Hiring) Buying Intern


Mr. Shannon

Mr. Shannon, Creative Director

“If you don't put your name on it, I'm eating it.”

Mr. Shannon

Known for ignoring tradition Mr. Rawls has a very direct,
unswerving, focus on quality and attention to detail. With new
lines in production and more customers drawn in by his practical
ready-to-wear design eye, Shannon is pushing forward to grow
the brands worldwide.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Hollywood California, Shannon was known mainly as an American Film Producer who is also a fashion designer and aspiring humanitarian. Shannon was immersed in the world of fashion from an early age. “When I first started, I would watch my mother and her meticulous attention to detail in her clothing and accessories as she continuously drove the importance of quality and style in me. By the time I reached high school, I began to iron my socks before school to ensure my total outfit was always top notch.”

By 1999 Shannon partnered with one of his college fraternity brothers and togther they set off to develop an atheletic line. After limited success, Shannon began to focus on his film career and for the next 10 years he produced a filmography of feature films, TV shows, music videos and commercials. In 2005 he established a new fashion brand, eX•pensive, yet putting it on hold for more lucrative film projects until he was approached by both Bloomingdales & Sears Holdings, Inc., where he was instrumental in reestablishing the softlines department at a full line store in Los Angeles.

This approach caused Shannon to stop focus on motion pictures and concentrate his attention on fashion where he and Kassy formed the foundation of the Klassy Kassy and Klassy MEN brand, which began in 2013.

“In all, the wild collection of Monokhrome classy hats is another bold rendition of style, displaying the awe-inspiring impact of designs for today's collection of headwear.”
~ HypeBeast