We expanded! that's what... ☺️

Never in our wildest dreams did we think our leggings department would catch fire and become so popular worldwide. But that's exactly what happened. And over the last year that division of our fashion house grew to become a life of its own. Therefore Shannon & I decided to build a team dedicated to Leggings and leggings only. Ultimately bringing customers the same great quality, fit and feel and we carved out an entire creative space at our showroom for just that. We intend for the Klassy Kassy leggings to flourish big-time for 2016.

As a result, we are expanding to now offer Klassy Kassy leggings for beautiful plus size women, for young kids and even leggings for men. New and exciting patterns and colors, styles and cuts will now be showcased the way they deserve so we can better serve our growing legging demand.

So yea, nothing bad happened..... only GOOD stuff. Be sure to bookmark: for fast access.

So what is MONOKHROME?

You like it, don'tcha? We certainly do! Here, allow me to explain...

monoKhrome is where my heart is. It's where my partner Shannon's heart is. I live a very "minimalist" life and as you would expect, I dress as such too. Black is my happy color (and yes, I know it's not "officially" a color) Nevertheless, on any given day you can see me in All-Black-Everything while running errands or at the office. If it's a party I'm attending you'll see me in All-White-Everything. Don't get me wrong, colors are seriously fun, but I absolutely fawn over the Monochromatic palette. 50 Shades of grey should be 1,000 shades if you ask me. :-)

And then... there's RED. Ohhhh who doesn't love a sexy red dress? or a little red Corvette? or some red hot lipstick in your fire red clutch purse? RED is the exact opposite; the perfect contrast to monochromatic blacks, whites & greys. It's the alluring antithesis of our design message. If black, white & grey were superheroes, then red would be the villain. And we all love a good fight, right? So now you see where red falls in line with our movement. It's the perfect set of colors for the fashion-forward men and women who think like Shannon & I. 

So we blew out all our inventory that came in the normal rainbow of colors and introduced to the world the only shopping destination that focuses on Black, White, Grey & Red clothing for highly fashionable people, like you. And that, my friends, is how MONOKHROME was born.

I hope you love it. You won't find anything else like it. And when you think of that chic black business outfit for wearing to work, or the all white ensemble you need for the all white birthday party event coming up, or the perfect grey sweater for that Springtime wardrobe or you're in the mood for some seduction and red is calling your name.... think of us. We got you covered.....

Oh and by the way, we've partnered up with some pretty powerful people to launch our anticipated hi-end design collection with premium fabrics, metals and craftsmanship. I've named it "BvLACK" and we're super excited about it. More on that to come in future fashion jibber-jab. Luv ya!

- Kassy❣️